New video from The Productionists “Owe it to all the things”

#Bellingham #Seattle #hiphop YAY Clint and Craig the video looks dope!!

This morning The Staxx Brothers (@staxxbrothers) release the first of Im sure many short films, this first one depicting the introduction of new drummer Kevin Chryst. The video gives you a rare glimpse in to the day to day life of Kevin and what Whats Up Magazine claims “a rumored direct descendant of DOLEMITE.” (Dont quote me on that but click the link and see for yourself)

Besides more short films to look forward to The Staxx Brothers also have a couple upcoming shows in the north end of the best coast Bellingham area from which Kevin resides.

September 17th - WONK Festival near Bellingham

December 3rd - Wild Buffalo - An Evening with Kevin Kreestoe: Part DUECE

And for the rest of you out there spread around the country here is a link for the rest of the shows coming up. Click HERE

If you missed @ZIONI in #Bellingham last weekend - feel like you were there with @Buildstrong & @blessedcoast at the @wildbuffalo and then you’ll know why you won’t miss it next time around.

Pogo is coming to #bellingham in October to play at the @WildBuffalo on the 21st. From what I am hearing he will be doing a full audio/video set which sounds amazing… here is my favorite of his songs:

Looking forward to checkin out the Meat Puppets this Monday June 20th at the @WildBuffalo pre-sales available HERE