Swoon. Love him. James Blake : Overgrown (by jamesblakeproduction)

Pitchfork gives James Blake - Best New Track for “Love What Happened Here” So well deserved, I don’t normally take much of what Pitchfork says seriously but this one I fully agree on… read the full article HERE.

3 days to @JamesBlake - the countdown continues #wilhelmscream #sxsw

There are few artists nowadays who smoothly make the transition from behind the scenes to in front of the mic. Besides pulling that off perfectly he picked up a whole new crowd of fans who probably never even knew that the voice they were hearing was one of the pioneers of the post dubstep movement and was a famed electronic producer/composer for the last couple years. Even people close to Blake had no clue that he had a voice that makes you wonder why he hasn’t been singing his whole life. Especially having a father like James Litherland. From all of the chatter I was hearing before the album leaked, a lot of people were expecting this new album to help bring his European/Electronic/Dubstep/Chillwave music to the masses but I dont think anyone expected this. Im glad this is what we got because it is exactly what I feel we need mixed in with the music that is coming out today. 

Posted below is the video of his show at SxSw which is probably one of my favorite vids of him because not many artists out there pulling off a live show that is equal to or better then the record you have in your ipod right now. 

With this being his debut album, and first tour I see many more of both in his future. Especially after a string of SOLD OUT shows nationwide, which is making me wonder if his agent and the buyers did not expect this album to take off the way it did by the majority of these venues being 400 capacity and less and selling out in a matter of days.

The moment I got a copy of his leaked album I have not been able to stop listening to it or forcing it upon everyone i meet. He is definitely not everyones cup of tea but no matter what you cant deny that this boy has some lungs on him, and his musical capabilities are downright genius. Posted below his SxSw vid is my other favorite single off of the self titled album, The Whilhelm Scream. 

James Blake 

Tractor Tavern/Seattle

5/19  21+ 8pm - SOLD OUT