Flying eagle point of view (by Srachi) absolutely amazing. i want to fly. 

Barack Obama Singing Get Lucky by Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell) (by baracksdubs)

ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Arrested Development OFFICIAL SEASON 4 TRAILER (by tomorrowneverblows)

Diplo’s new video for MAKE YOU POP - featuring the loving duo Zanger Rinus & Romana who made the youtube rounds last summer with their hilarious video about scooters.. 

Gay teen Jonah Mowrys moving and inspirational video… I know this went viral last week but I have been avoiding it for over a week now until I could finally sit down and watch with full attention. The video absolutely broke my heart but what an amazing 14 year old boy. So very happy to read from his mother that he is doing really well in school and his confidence is building back up. 

BRAND NEW JAMES BLAKE released this morning off his forthcoming album Enough Thunder which comes out October 1st on Atlas Records. The new track is called Not Long Now. 

This track is the only track so far that has been released that was not a cover nor a collaboration with another artist and its exactly what i expected from James. I would like to hear some more tracks that follow what he did with Wilhelm Scream but I am loving the originality and to keep moving forward with his music.

#nw - The Weeknd -The Birds Part 1 - Unofficial Video released last week. This new mixtape is killing it… download it here

This news makes me extremely happy as I am always waiting to get more Black Keys in my life :) Cant wait to check it out.

Thank you the Weeknd for teasing me with a new song off the forthcoming album today… waiting patiently for its release… if you do not have the original download for free at the Weeknd website

So the new album name is Thursday… could tomorrow be the day!? Im still in love with the first album thats only 2 months old and still on repeat 

The video for one of my favorite songs off of the @theweekndxo House of Balloons mixtape. I think I might have expected a little bit more from probably the most popular song of the album but it works and keeps my string of Weeknd related news going full blast. Still pushing one of my top 3 albums of 2011 so far…. Read what the Fader had to say here

James Blake videos from The Tractor - full write up to follow #Seattle

Still working on putting the words together for my review/experience of last night. I know one thing for sure Ill never see him in a venue that size again. I am so thankful that I got front row seats.

New song: Untitled - Encore Set

I Never Learnt to Share

Unluck - @2:36 the bass gets to heavy for the camera to handle… :( but was amazing in person

Currently quite speechless on this video, especially knowing Kurt is rolling in his grave at the thought of Ms Cyrus even humming this song, the only thing worse is if Beiber tried it. Miley Cyrus - Smells like a teen spirit - [NIRVANA COVER] Quito Ecuador- 29-04-2011 [Good sound]